About Exploring Program

       Welcome to the U.S. Military Explorers Information & Unit Locator Website. Working in conjunction with BSA-Learning for Life's Exploring Division, we are here to provide you some basic information on our Young Adults Career-based U.S. Military Exploring Programs. We have also published this site to be a Military Exploring Unit Locator service across the United States. We will provide you contact information on the nearest Military Explorer Units near you.
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     If you are a U.S. Veteran, Retiree, Scouter, Civic Leader, or Parent and would like to join us as an Adult Advisor and Mentor to our country's Young Adults for a potential career in the U.S. Military,  we will be happy to assist and guide you along the way. There are leaders & units with 20-30 years experience at your ready. We are also here to assist and share our experience in setting up a Unit in your area. Working with our young adults is an extremely rewarding endeavor and heartfelt experience. Our country needs motivated, energetic, and patriotic young adults to look towards a military career to serve more than ever.